The Beginning

Ever since we came to Spain, our way of traveling changed. The main reason was that we wanted to explore our new home country, the pandemic was the other reason. 2022 looked like the year we could change all that ; we were going to make Europe our playground again. We took our time to plan every detail of our trip; I quickly found out that I didn’t need to renew my passport. We canceled traveling to Moldova because of a certain war looming. On the other hand, we had to get the vaccination papers ready. We also took some financial decisions. Instead of booking everything beforehand, we decided about looking for rooms at the moment itself.

In general, it was like the pandemic had never happened;nowhere did people ask for our vaccination papers.

The first two days we were still in Spain. After a full day of driving, we first ended up at a camping to the north of Valencia.

Relaxing at the camping
Our cabin

An excellent wine
RIght next to the sea



Author: Ingridje

Nikon addict. Traveler. Writer. Foodie. Art lover. Movie freak.

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