Interesting Itineraries All Over Europe


Two or three times a week, we publish a post about a destination somewhere in Europe that made a very positive impression on us. We are aware that with dozens of countries and various travel experiences, it’s easy to lose oversight on this website. Therefore, we are making this page, where per country, we present you interesting itineraries. We hope it may inspire you for your next trip to somewhere in this beautiful continent!

Europe’s Animal Kingdom

Places in Europe where you can visit animals in a completely different setting, plan at least half a day for each destination: bears in the Black Forest, Bears in Worbis, Cow Hugging, Wild Horses in Denmark, Bioparc Fuengirola, …

Unique Places/Experiences in Europe

If you want to see or experience something very unusual, better have a look at this map. Again half a day should suffice for every location: China Light Zoo (Antwerp Zoo), looking at the biggest waves in the world roam (Nazaré), the beginning (Donaueschingen) and the end (Murighiol) of the Danube, driving to the end of the world (Cape St. Vincent), taking a beer spa in Nivy, visiting an amphitheater in Durrës, visiting the Berca Mud Volcanoes, Looking at the Blue Eye (Syri i Kaltër in Muzinë), admiring the force of nature in Stevns Klint, visiting a Muslim palace in Crimea, …


Unknown but Beautiful

Because there is more to this small country than Brussels and Bruges:

Half a day should be enough, unless you plan to have lunch or dinner: Soignies (Where Magritte found his inspiration), Koekelare (museum about Kollwitz), Hallerbos (bluebell forest), the Kemmlberg, Blankenberge, Thuin with its hanging gardens, Duinbergen, Ostend, …

And check out these ready-made itineraries in Meetjesland and around Dinant!

Places in and around Brussels you simply cannot miss

Plan half a day for each location: Meise Botanic Garden, the sewer Museum, the Chateau d’Antoing, Crypt in Brussels, the underground palace of Coudenberg, the Royal Greenhouses, Chalet Robinson, an interesting movie location,…


Granada’s Intriguing Landscapes

Half a day should be enough, unless you come from another province: Padul Laguna, Sierra Tejeda, Embalse de Cubillas, Sierra Arana, Embalse de Negratin, Sierra de la Sagra, Belerda, Trevelez, Embalse de Colomera, the road to Lugros, Deifontes,…

And check out these two ready-made itineraries, one for Gorafe and one for the Sierra de Huétor.

Malaga’s Gems

Take at least half a day for each location, if you come from another province, a day: Comares, Competa, Ronda, …

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