In 2009, a Danish man and a Belgian woman “meet” on Facebook. Since they have a lot of interests in common – especially travel(!), they soon become friends. About a year later, the Danish man has moved to Belgium and both start traveling regularly.

Our travel experiences soon led to the birth of a blog, actually more of an online diary, so that our friends and families could follow our adventures abroad. When we transferred the blog to WordPress and noticed that we could reach a bigger audience, we moved away from our diary and instead wrote more informative pieces with beautiful pictures. And we called it Cosy Travels of the Viking and His Kitten.

In 2014, our website had become so big that we opted for self-hosting; this led to the birth of another website, Road Tripping Europe. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of putting just about anything on it and it became chaotic. So, we made a new website Travel Memories in November 2019 where we publish the best of the best. Although we sometimes do visit tourist places, we tend to concentrate on lesser-known locations in Europe and sometimes unusual experiences.

This website is about dreams, impressions, memories, and information about the various destinations we have visited – and will visit. Yes, we are not so young anymore, but I can assure you that our lifestyle is far from sedate. And yes, we both have mental issues, but those won’t stop us either. Anyway, we bid you welcome and hope you enjoy the journey with us!

Nerja Balcon de Europa

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