First Snow in the Sierra Nevada

There’s no denying it, winter is approaching. The weather is still sunny, but temperatures have gone down to 15-20 degrees Celsius, which is about half of what we enjoyed during summer. Lars and I both miss summer, but seeing the first snow in the magnificent Sierra Nevada is special. Since we both come from flat countries, a drive in the Sierra Nevada -or any other Sierra for that matter – is always a delight.

These are the pictures we took:

Pradollano from a distance
Patatas a la pobre with fried eggs and a cold beer

Snap of the Day – The Road to Monachil

We have returned from Cordoba… Although we didn’t spend as much time as we had foreseen in the capital itself, we have had a splendid time in a small part of the province. Of course, we celebrated the Viking’s birthday in style! With a meal that included one of Cordoba’s famous specialties…

In the second half of August, Lars and I spent some time in the Sierra Nevada. It’s actually possible to drive to the top via one road and to come back via another. Which is exactly what we did! More about this soon on our website!

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