More Foodie Adventures: Tasting Wine in Serbia

Today, we take you to Sremski Karlovci in Serbia. It’s located in a region called Fruška Gora, which by the way is also the name of the mountain there and the surrounding national park. Apart from its picturesque beauty, this region is also known for its vineyards.

Sremski Karlovci is known for its sweet dessert wine, called bermet. And since we are always interested in local gastronomy, we tasted it…

You want more yumminess? More wine and delicious food? Then you better book a room in Vila Prezident! It has a wine cellar with more than 100 kinds of wine, or in other words: a paradise for a foodie. As the website of the hotel says:

Viticulture in Srem is one of the oldest in Europe. The grapevine is outgrowth of fertile land in the hills above Fruska Gora for 1700 years, when the first vine was planted by the Roman Emperor Probus of the ancient Sirmijuma. Grapevine was and remains the pillar of life of many generations of Sremski Karlovci, and the wine sparkled throught Europe, always noble and dignified, among the best. For several centuries Karlovci were considered the seat of Serbian wines…

The restaurant has a rustic atmosphere…

Fruška Gora is known for its production of Traminer and Riesling. So… more tasting.

It is my firm belief that you can find delicious food everywhere…

You can book here.

If you have more time, explore other towns and villages in the region of Fruška Gora like Irig.

Or have a look at one of the many monasteries in this region. This is in Vrdnik.

I will be back on Friday with a post about Denmark. Or maybe tomorrow with a Snap. And I will update the movie website as well!

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