7 Pictures That Make You Want to Go to Lake Garda

Usually, Lars and I don’t visit touristic places, but we made an exception for Lake Garda, simply because of its natural beauty. I love to photograph landscapes and especially waterscapes. And Lake Garda did not disappoint!

Lake Garda is the biggest lake in Italy. It’s located in the north and enjoys a mild climate. Some figures: more than 51km long, almost 17km wide, and a shore length of 158km. That is a lot of photographic opportunities!

I love landscapes such as these… We were there during the Easter break of 2011: very fine weather and not too many tourists yet.

One of the stops we had was in Sirmione. I clearly remember we were being chased away by a very unfriendly waitress.

We came back in April 2015 though when we unexpectedly spent 3 days at a camping site right next to the lake. But that will be for some other posts…

Feeling inspired yet?

The main source of income in this region is tourism – as you can imagine. Lake Garda is home to lots of picturesque towns and sports facilities.

So far, I have planned 3 posts for next week: one about my birthday in lockdown, one about France (all black and white pictures) and another one about the Czech Republic (also black and white). And maybe 1 or 2 Snaps. On the movie website, I will publish 2 reviews.


Snap of Lake Cubillas

Just before the lockdown started, we (partly) explored this artificial lake. We had passed it many times on the motorway when we moved from Chrurriana de la Vega to Iznalloz. I will publish more pictures as soon as we have photographed all sides of the lake.

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