Going For a Stroll In Duinbergen

Ah, the Belgian weather! So unpredictable. And so popular as a conversation topic. You arrive at work and the first thing you do, is to complain about the weather. Too warm, too cold, too wet, too dry. There is always something to complain about.

But the problem is more complicated. When finally the sun shines, especially in spring and autumn, almost every Belgian feels the need to be at the coast. Unfortunately, that is quite a small part of our little country. This means a lot of traffic and crowded beaches.

This is especially true for the bigger coastal towns that have direct train connections with the other parts of the country (Blankenberge, Ostend, for example). Duinbergen may be a bit harder to reach, but you can still enjoy some peace and quiet here.

Duinbergen has been a popular destination since the early 20th century. You can still see some typical villas in the center of the town. Close to the sea all you see are high-rise buildings. Unfortunately, this is the case of most of the Belgian coastal towns.

Granted, there is something magical about those autumn days, when it feels that summer has returned, if only for a short while.

I took these pictures at the end of September 2017, our last autumn in Belgium.

I will be back on Wednesday, with one of our latest randonautica adventures. A very different adventure…

What about you? Have you ever been to the Belgian coast? Or would you like to go there? Share your thoughts!

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