Discovering an Island in the Heart of Brussels

Did you know that Brussels is one of the greenest capitals in Europe and even in the world? Each municipality in the Region of Brussels has at least one park at its disposal. One of the most popular ones is the Bois de la Cambre, which belongs to the City of Brussels itself. It was laid out in 1861 and has a surface of more than 1 square kilometer.

The lake that you can see on the pictures is an artificial one. In the center, you can see the island, called Robinson Island. With a small boat, you can gain access to it.

The building you can see on the island is a bar-restaurant. The original building dated from 1877, but was destroyed in a fire in 1991. This one is from 2006.

As you can imagine, eating and drinking in an exclusive setting such as this one will not be a cheap experience! Have a look at their official website.

Let’s show you a map, so you can orientate yourself better:

Later this week, we will introduce you to our newest project! Stay tuned!

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