A Place In The Alpujarra To Fall In Love With – Pitres and Its Hamlets

There are dozens of villages in the Alpujarra; most of them are ignored by tourists, like Pitres. Yet, it’s a very charming small town.

A local black beauty was awaiting us at the bar.

She kept us company for a long time, although we hardly shared any food with her. Look at this moment of tenderness between her and the Viking:

The church dates from the 16th century, but had to be repaired twice, the last time was after the Civil War.

It takes about half an hour to explore the rest of this cute town.

There are a handful of hamlets that belong to Pitres, and we visited two of them: Mecina and Ferreirola.

Whereas Mecinas still has a couple of bars, you won’t even find that in Ferreirola and the church has seen better days. At least, the local folklore is colorful:

When you come from Lanjaron or Orgiva, you will see road signs toward the hamlets just before you arrive in Pitres.


Discovering The 3 Gems of the Alpujarra

There are three villages that are generally seen as the most beautiful ones of the whole Alpujarra. Coincidence or not, these three are each other’s neighbors, so you can visit them in one day.

Avoid the weekends for a visit, when the villages are invaded by photography enthusiasts from all over Spain.

We started our exploration in Bubión, an artistic centre with typical narrow streets.

View of the village
Sharing a plate with Alpujarran specialities

Next stop, the largest of the 3 villages: Capileira.

Around the village, we encountered some local wildlife.

Some wilder than others:

Back to the center with its steep, narrow streets and picturesque plaza:

Our favorite was the other small village, Pampaneira. With temperatures around 100F, we quickly sought refuge in the shadow of the local church.

We were enchanted by the abundant colors and flowers. This is Spain at its best!

In our next posts, we will show you more gems that we have discovered in this area, including an encounter between Lars and a local beauty.

Photo Essay: Alpujarra Impressions

2021 is going to be the year that we started to seriously explore the Alpujarra, the mountains that start to the south of the Sierra Nevada and stretch out all the way to the Costa Tropical. When we go on an excursion and have no specific destination, we often end up wandering around in this magnificent area.

An interesting starting point can be the small wine village of Torvizcon:

After our snack, the wandering around started:

In our next posts, we will suggest some locations to visit in the Alpujarra.

Snap of the Day – The Alpujarra

Right now, we are waiting. Waiting for better weather; it’s chilly and rainy at the moment. And waiting for the perimeter of Iznalloz to open again. This is one of the last pictures we took just before the perimeter closed…

Discover Prompt, Day 6: Hands

Hands… What do I do with my hands? Not much, because I actually am very clumsy. But, I am a decent cook apparently, given your reactions to the prompt of yesterday. And I photograph a lot, but if you are a regular visitor to this website, you already know that. By the way, if you are new here, I am Ingrid and on this website, I publish photographic tales of my trips all over Europe. Check out my other websites in the sidebar.

Anyway, after some time I realized that I do something else with my hands, but not as often as photography or cooking. I also make videos! Let’s be honest, I am an amateur and still have a lot to learn. Anyway, if you check my social links – also in the sidebar! – you will notice that I also have a YouTube channel.

This is the most popular video on that channel:

I have featured this crypt before; have a look here. It’s one of the most beautiful crypts in Belgium and the cemetery – where you can find it – is very photogenic as well.

Anyway, this is one of the most recent videos that I have made and I haven’t featured it on this website before:

I shot this video in the Alpujarra, a mountainous region between Granada and Almeria (south of Spain, Andalucia). The Alpujarra stretches over 2 provinces, Granada and Almeria; from west to east, you drive about 80 kilometers. In other words, this is a very big area and so far, Lars and I have only explored a small part of it.

Lanjaron – where we started – is actually a spa town. It’s quite picturesque, but every time we are there, we can never get rid of our car. And the spa itself is quite expensive… Trevelez, on the other hand, is one of the highest mountain towns in Spain and is known for its air-cured hams. In my opinion, these 2 destinations are quite touristic.

Nevertheless, Lars – my Danish travel buddy – will return here. We have plans to explore the smaller towns and villages in this area, especially Bubión, Capileira, and Pampaneira, which are supposed to be very photogenic. But that’s after the lockdown, of course.

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