Snap of the Day – The Alpujarra

Right now, we are waiting. Waiting for better weather; it’s chilly and rainy at the moment. And waiting for the perimeter of Iznalloz to open again. This is one of the last pictures we took just before the perimeter closed…


Snap of the Day – The Village

Still in lockdown, and the frustrating thing is that we don’t know until when… Bars, restaurants, and non-essential stores are closed. And we still cannot leave our hometown. On top of it all, I have an inflammation of my shoulder and neck muscles. Quite painful, and I haven’t been able to do any writing for more than a week. And that explains my absence on the internet.

Now the good news:

  • As I am writing this, I am sitting on the terrace in a T-shirt. (And a pair of jeans, of course).
  • The medication helps, and the pain is slowly going away.
  • There are still corners of Iznalloz and the surrounding Sierra Arana that we can explore. There is even a new project that we can start!
  • One day that stupid virus will disappear. And then we will announce our travel plans!

We leave you with a picture of a mountain village that we discovered during our last excursion.

Snap of the Day – Sierra Magina

And… we are in (partial) lockdown… again. Until yesterday, we could drive around all Andalusia. From today on we can’t leave our hometown. This lockdown will at least last a week and then the situation will be reviewed. Let’s hope this nightmare ends soon!

Yesterday, when we could still make an excursion, we went to the Sierra Magina in the province of Jaen. This was our second exploration, and we are falling in love with this mountain area. If you are a nature lover, we highly recommend this area.

We still have a lot of recent – and less recent – travel memories to share. See you in a couple of days!

Snap of the Day – Blue

The snow from Sunday has already become a memory… Temperatures have gone up, and we now have lots of sunshine and blue sky. Is this a sign that spring is on its way?

Yesterday, the Viking had a craving for Danish food. So, off we went to Fuengirola (province of Malaga) and spent almost 50 euros in a store called Vikingos. Cute name! Instead of driving back via the same route, we went to Torrox, where our Spanish adventure started almost 3 years ago. It felt good to be back there. We kept on following the coastal road for some time and then returned home.

For the moment, we can still drive around in most of Andalusia. Probably on Sunday, we will be on the road again!

Snap of the Day – The Lovely Forest

Unfortunately, we have to start this post with some bad news. Just before the weekend, the Ayuntamiento of Iznalloz announced on its Facebook page that there are 6 new cases here of the COVID-virus. You might think that this is a low number – after all, our hometown only has about 7.000 inhabitants. But during the lockdown, the total number of victims was less than 20! To be honest, we are a little concerned… If numbers keep on rising, the municipality will restart disinfecting the streets and might also consider going back to Fase 1. Let’s hope for the best…

Our snap of the day brings us to an area that Lars and I have just started exploring: the Sierra de Cazorla! And our first exploration was very promising, to say the least. Just look at this picture, it almost looks idyllic!

For the record, Lars and I are doing fine! No health problems whatsoever – apart from my sore knee, that is. But, later this week, we are on the road again!

What about you? Has the virus returned where you live? And if so, how does it affect you? And have you ever been to the Sierra de Cazorla?

Snap of the Day – The Road to Monachil

We have returned from Cordoba… Although we didn’t spend as much time as we had foreseen in the capital itself, we have had a splendid time in a small part of the province. Of course, we celebrated the Viking’s birthday in style! With a meal that included one of Cordoba’s famous specialties…

In the second half of August, Lars and I spent some time in the Sierra Nevada. It’s actually possible to drive to the top via one road and to come back via another. Which is exactly what we did! More about this soon on our website!

Snap of the Day – Looking for Ruins

Finding this location and then the ruins themselves was a bit of a challenge, both for the driver (the Viking) and the photographer (yours truly). But it’s always rewarding when you find what you are looking for. Even more when you discover that you are actually surrounded by some really stunning landscapes!

And now some exciting news! Next Tuesday we celebrate the Viking’s birthday. And since there is no more lockdown and we can drive around where we want to, we decided to honor this event in Cordoba! And do a lot of sightseeing/photographing. And eating tapas. And crack open a bottle of cava… Anyway, since I am not completely sure we have Internet in our room, it’s going to be quiet here. But, one thing is sure: we will come back with a lot of new travel memories!

And if you want to know how we celebrated my birthday earlier this year – in full lockdown, have a look here.

Snap of the Day – A Unique Landscape

Come to think of it, August has been a month of exploring extraordinary and even unique landscapes… For this one, you need to go to the province of Malaga, not far from the capital itself and Antequera. We were so impressed with this location that we have planned to come back when it’s cooler, so we can do some more walking and photographing.

More details soon on the website!

Snap of the Day – An Architectural Gem

Slowly but surely, August is coming to an end… And what a month it has been! A very hot one, which explains why we have mostly sought some refreshment in nature. Sometimes we did see some beautiful castles, like this one… Moreover, it has also been a month of some unexpected and spectacular discoveries.

September promises to be a fun month as well. The Viking’s birthday is coming up! Let’s hope that there is no second lockdown coming up so that we can celebrate this in style! We also intend to explore more in the provinces of Almeria, Malaga, Jaen, and Cordoba.

Snap of the Day: Another Day, Another Sierra

I think this is the first summer that I have spent so much time in the mountains or at least in mountainous areas. And I am loving every second of it! Anyway, I took this picture somewhere in the province of Almeria. Does anyone know where exactly?

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