HELL on Earth – Andorra

Elsewhere on the blog, I wrote that no 2 aspies are the same, but we have common traits. A place that is generally hated by most of us is a shopping center or as I call it “hell on earth”. So many things are a challenge for our senses: the number of people, the noises, lights that are too bright, … in general I try to avoid these places.

a visit to a shopping center can lead to a meltdown

BUT sometimes it’s unavoidable, like when you cross the border between Spain and Andorra. Basically, Andorra is like one big shopping center “hell on Earth”. It’s just a huge collection of shops and hotels, expensive hotels, and traffic, way too much traffic. By the time we arrived at the hotel, I think I was close to a nervous break-down.

the next day

The next day was even worse; the weather had completely changed. No more sun but thunderstorms and I am very much afraid of thunderstorms. It was raining incessantly. We had to take a decision. We decided to seek refuge in Arles. Away from this Hell!

Photo by Baptiste on Pexels.com


Author: Ingridje

Nikon addict. Traveler. Writer. Foodie. Art lover. Movie freak.

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