A Historic Randonautica Adventure


This time we chose History.


We started in our hometown and ended in Piñar.

The adventure

There are lots of historic places in our hometown, but the app had its own ideas. It took us to the outskirts of the town, but at a certain moment the road became so bad that we had to change our location. Moreover, it was unclear whether we were still on a public road or a private one! That’s how we ended up in Piñar! And there we were lucky; the app guided us opposite the ruins of the medieval castle.

Aftermath 1

One month later, we returned to Piñar to take more pictures!

The local church
This little fellow didn’t trust us at all!

The castle dates from the 10th century.

Aftermath 2

I kept wondering, however, where the app wanted to bring us originally. After some research I discovered it: the small hamlet of Brancinas! And it is known for the ruins of a medieval castle! So, one evening, we decided to do some research there as well.

Our local church from a different POV
Local wildlife
On the road to Brancinas
Then somehow, we ended up in the local mountains!
The road to Brancinas
Oops! We were on a private road…trespassing!

Afterward, we contacted the tourism office of the province of Granada, who indeed confirmed that the road to Brancinas is private property and so is the castle! They found this website:


Maybe things didn’t go as planned, but Brancinas was an interesting discovery.

And here is the video:


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