Discovering The 3 Gems of the Alpujarra

There are three villages that are generally seen as the most beautiful ones of the whole Alpujarra. Coincidence or not, these three are each other’s neighbors, so you can visit them in one day.

Avoid the weekends for a visit, when the villages are invaded by photography enthusiasts from all over Spain.

We started our exploration in Bubión, an artistic centre with typical narrow streets.

View of the village
Sharing a plate with Alpujarran specialities

Next stop, the largest of the 3 villages: Capileira.

Around the village, we encountered some local wildlife.

Some wilder than others:

Back to the center with its steep, narrow streets and picturesque plaza:

Our favorite was the other small village, Pampaneira. With temperatures around 100F, we quickly sought refuge in the shadow of the local church.

We were enchanted by the abundant colors and flowers. This is Spain at its best!

In our next posts, we will show you more gems that we have discovered in this area, including an encounter between Lars and a local beauty.


Author: Ingridje

Nikon addict. Traveler. Writer. Foodie. Art lover. Movie freak.

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