Randonautica Adventure Number 2 – Looking for Wine!

This was an adventure with very surprising and very mixed results! Did we reach our goal however? Keep on reading to find out!

The Locations

The app kept us busy for a whole afternoon:

The Intention

Again, it was Lars who came up with the purpose: winery.

It’s almost 3 years now that we have been living in Spain and during that whole time we have visited exactly 1 winery. And it was not even located in Spain, but in Portugal. Not very impressive for 2 foodies like ourselves!

The Results

Location 1

We started in our hometown of Iznalloz. Strangely enough, the app sent us to more or less the same place as during our very first test run! More precisely, Lars and I found ourselves next to a… cemetery!

I think we can safely say that there is no connection between Location 1 and our intention.

Location 2

Lars and I headed towards Piñar, a very picturesque village, quite close to us. It’s known for its caves that attract quite a lot of tourists. Anyway, I reprogrammed the app, which took us to a very pretty (and interesting!) place, about 11 kilometers south of Guadahortuna.

Location 3

Was this the place we had been looking for?


This is actually a restaurant, where you can rent a room as well. And there is a mini-zoo with domestic and exotic animals.

The restaurant is called Las Encebras. It’s specialized in meat and game, and it’s not that cheap. Check out their official website, and their menu.

Conclusion: very nice result, but not exactly what we were looking for…

Location 4

I have no idea why I chose Montejicar as our next destination. Blame it on my quirky mind.

Anyway, I reprogrammed the app upon our arrival. Unfortunately, the app chose a place in the province of Jaen. And due to Covid-19 measures, we are not supposed to leave the province of Granada.

In order to avoid such a result again, we drove off to Domingo Perez (again, don’t ask me why). As you can see on the map, it’s located to the south.

Location 5

By the way, in order to reach Domingo Perez, Lars and I drove through Montejicar. And I wouldn’t mind revisiting it!

It took us about half an hour before we found the place the app had generated for us in Domingo Perez. We were in the middle of nowhere, not far from a farm. But why? In the video, you can clearly see on my face and hear it in my voice, that I was frustrated, disappointed, and even sad.

(Insert GIF of angry panda here again) 🙂

The Aftermath

Luckily for you (and us as well!), I am blessed with a very good visual memory. I had memorized the coordinates that the app had generated for us in Montejicar. And once we were back home, I asked my good friend Google for some help.

Joy, oh joy! Look at this Facebook page! And this Instagram account.

So, after all, the app did send us to a winery (or at least, tried to)!!! The bad news is that at this moment we cannot visit it due to the Covid-19 measures that I have mentioned before. But as soon as we can, we will go to Arbuniel. The good news is that this location is not far from the Sierra Magina, one of the most stunning places in the province of Jaen.

The Video

Let’s hope you like it better than the first one:

What about you? Have you ever used the randonautica app? Or do you intend to? What are your experiences/thoughts/…?

See you soon in another corner of Europe!


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