Discover Belgium’s Most Picturesque Town

Surely, you have heard about Brussels and its magnificent Grand Place. Bruges and its romantic canals. Antwerp and its most beautiful train station in the world. But I bet you have never heard of Thuin and its hanging gardens… That’s right: hanging gardens.

Until some years ago, neither had Lars and I. Then, a travel program on Flemish television featured Thuin and its attractions. One day later, we were on the road to see it all… And photograph it, of course.

Located in the province of Hainaut (Henegouwen in Dutch), Thuin is quite an old town. In the 2nd -3rd centuries, it was known as a burial place. During the French Revolution, it became part of France.

The first place to visit is the Belfry, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. And it’s also the location of the Tourist Information Office, where you can get a city map.

Wherever you are – Belgium or Spain, narrow (cobbled) streets are always charming.

Look for a place called “Posty Bury” where you can gain access to the hanging gardens…

And there they are: the hanging gardens of Thuin. These are actually a collection of more than 200 terraced gardens, located on the southern flank of the hill on which Thuin is built.

The gardens have been known for centuries and are classified as a monument since 1976. Some of them contain vines, which produce a white wine called Le Clos des Zouaves.

We visited Thuin and its hanging gardens in the month of September. You can easily imagine how beautiful it must all be during spring… And the best thing is: you can visit the gardens for free!

In our next post, we’ll take you to another corner of Europe!

What about you? Have you ever been to Belgium? Would you ever visit Thuin and its hanging gardens?


Author: Ingridje

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